Sunday 24 Sep 2017
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Gostar Pajooh company (GP) management.

Green Group corporation , is a group of professional companies, which are active in the field of landscape under 

GP has been in business since 1989 and active in design, installation and maintenance landscape for residential, commercial and city park projects.

GP has gathered the few professional companies at Green Group Corp. In order to understand and satisfy customers need.

GP has done several successful project in different regions in Iran which has different climate( such as dry at south & south east, rainy at north, ...dry & humidity at south golf of Iran ).

GP established and organized few agents at other countries such as Iraq ( at Baghdad, Najaf, Arbil & sulaymaniyah at kurdistan) and in near future at other countries.

GP employ educated professional staffs an co work with the experts company to design and install roof & green garden, green wall, rock garden, water garden, fountain, wall, lights, ...and landscape furnitures.

Let us take our profession and experience to plan outdoor environments in order to understand, and satisfy your needs.











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